Medicated Bandanna - Heady Harem
Medicated Bandanna - Heady Harem
Medicated Bandanna - Heady Harem

Medicated Bandanna

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Aligned with the weed leaf, is Metatron's cube. Metatron's cube is a scared geometrical figure highlighting the Map Of Creation. This beautiful shape features all the platonic solids weaved together by 13 spheres and held together from lines coming from the midpoint in each sphere. Overall, Metatron's sphere tie in all life including our mind, body, and spirit. 

At the center of the weed leaf, you find the ever so illuminating Flower of Life. The Flower of Life is the physical representation of our connectedness with the world and all living things. Made up of a hexagonal pattern consisting of 19 complete circles and 36 partial arcs enclosed by a large circle this scared symbol gives rise to all five platonic solids, creating Metatron's cube, the Seed of Life, and the Tree of Life. 

The background is then highlighted by a beautiful honeycomb pattern tying in all of nature's gift together into one seamless design. 

Our signature bandannas are crafted using the highest quality printing process of Dye Sublimation. This allows us to print the highest quality art with more vibrant colors and detail than ever seen before! These bandannas are designed to inspire creativity and spark interactions wherever you go. Perfect for any occasion whether it be your next big festival or show, a night out for drinks with friends, working out or just hanging out!! Made with extremely soft double-brush material we guarantee this will be one of, if not, the most comfortable one you will ever own!! Very breathable and perfect for hot days but also acts like a thermal when it's cold out keeping you warm!!

Can be worn several different ways! Wear it as a bandanna, headband, tie it around your ponytail, facemask, crop top, choker, ascot, hanging from your neck, or any way you want. 

You can even use it as a blindfold ;) ;) 

  • Superior print quality retains vibrancy wash after wash
  • Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Pre-shrunk, wrinkle-free
  • Handstitched, Fair Trade
  • Partial profits are given to the artist

      F A B R I C |  100% Ring Spun Polyester 
      O R I G I N |  Made in USA
      C A R E |  Machine wash / Tumble dry
      S I Z E & F I T |  Fit – True to Size
      M E A S U R E M E N T S |  Length: 24 inches Width: 24 inches 

      Art by: DYAO Designs x Heady Harem